Social Media Marketing and advertising for every onicotecniche con Habib di Younger Nails

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Social Media Promoting for each onicotecniche con Habib Salo di Young Nails In questo movie Habib risponde alle domande più frequenti sui social media e advertising for each onicotecniche: .10 Gestione del tempo e gestione degli affari 3.06 Appear gestire feed-back/commenti negativi? 4.50 Appear comportarsi con i concorrenti? 6.34 Progetti for each il futuro Iscriviti al canale YouTube di Youthful Nails – Segui il canale YouTube di Nails Professional Academy for each vedere altre interviste e demo- ♡♡Grazie per aver guardato il mio online video Non dimenticare di iscriverti per non perderti i miei nuovi tutorial e segreti – ♡Lezioni on-line – ♡Seguimi su Instagram for each hack e ispirazione quotidiana for each le unghie – Instagram: ♡I miei prodotti preferiti che uso quotidianamente sono qui – ♡Guarda altri video: I migliori strumenti per nail art for each principianti – Recensione e tutorial di Polygel – 7 cose che ogni onicotecnico principiante dovrebbe sapere – Occur si diventa onicotecniche? Occur scattare foto delle unghie migliori sul tuo telefono? Restiamo in contatto Instagram: Fb Periscope: Nailcouture Snapchat: Nailcou Pinterest: _______________________________________ Подпишитесь на мой русский канал, чтобы не пропустить новые мастер-классы! ________________________________________

15 Commenti
  1. Alexandra Hill

    Fantastic point made about negativity, it seems to be the norm to be super sensitive to other's criticisms, it's silly to be that sensitive, like Habib says – get over it and who cares about other's opinions about your work and creations, they don't matter. Get your stuff up online and screw the neysayers. Future nail techs need you to be brazen and strong, they'll need the inspiration!

  2. Sarah C

    Your such an awesome interviewer Anastasia! Great questions💜.

  3. Lori

    Hurray! Habib and Anastasia in the same video! I am in heaven – love you both!

  4. coleen huff

    That was cool. Greg and Habit are amazing!

  5. Christina Matzen

    Thank you for this interview! Habib is so motivating. As a brand new nail tech (6 months licensed) it's so easy to say "It's so much work and I only have 200 followers so why bother?" I have to hustle. I'm not going to be a YouTuber, I'm not going to be an Instagram sensation. What I am going to be is a good nail tech with solid clients who love what I do because I love what I do. Keep on keeping on!

  6. Talia's Nail Studio

    Omg I love this interview so much! Both of you are HUGE inspirations for running a social media business to me! You are so right, HUSTLE your butt to grow your business <3 Fab video!

  7. Manfred Fails

    It would be cool if they could outsource there schooling in different states.

  8. Donna Arnold

    I thought I was watching young nails channel at first lol 😊

  9. Anne Roswall

    Oh my God I love Habib's channel! So professional and to the point with his tutorials. You both are great 🙂

  10. Steve & Tammy Parenteau

    Love your channel and the Young Nails channel as well, I am a subscriber to both, Habib is a burst of joy to watch. I'm not licensed yet planning nail school in near future and I feel from your channel and watching and learning from Greg @ Young Nails, I will have 100% confidence in myself in learning, also walking into school with preknowledge is so exciting to me..Nails are my passion and I'm finally grasping onto what I really wanna do in life, regardless I have waited too long, I've come to the conclusion Its NEVER TO LATE to live a Dream..Thank you for having the best YouTube channels and teaching and sharing YOUR knowledge with the world.

  11. Christina Leister

    Yay! You guys are awesome! So, who's Pinky and who's Brain? Lol. "So, what are we going to do today, Brain?" "We're going to conquer the world!" "Narf!"


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